Grow A Herb/Flower Biodegradable Jute Bag

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Grow A Herb/Flower Biodegradable Jute Bag


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(Message us for choice of : sunflower, tomato, basil, strawberry, chilli)

Plant Growing Jute Bag Sets 

Each beautiful set is made of quality jute material. 

Each bag contains: soil pellets, watering beads seeds and instructions. Just add water into the bag the water beads and soil pellets will expand. Add seeds to grow your own herbs and plants. 

4 Different seed sets available: 
-Sunflower Seeds
-Basil Seeds
-Chilli seeds,
-Cherry Tomato Seeds 


A jute bag set containing everything you need to grow yourself some basil, tomatoes, a sunflower or even some chillies

The set comes with everything you need to grow your plant in a jute bag. The Jute bag contains a plastic lining to hold in moisture. Add water and the self watering gel and soil will expand in the bag. Add the seeds and put the bag in a warm place to watch your plant grow! The gel self-waters your plant!

The beautiful jute bag makes the set suitable for any window sill or table.

You can choose from four different seeds; chilli, tomato, basil, sunflower.

Made from: Jute, basil, tomato, sunflower, chilli seeds.

Biodegradable jute.


15cm x 7cm x 7cm


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