1000 - Worm cocoons

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1000 - Worm cocoons


Size: Includes worm grub

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1000 Worm cocoons + 1 Litre Worm Grub

Ever wondered where baby worms come from? Cocoons, thats where

Our worm cocoons are handpicked as they are fairly delicate,they provide an easy method of introducing worms into your soil. They are supplied in a sealed breathable tub containing an organic medium, which our head worm farmer calls a 'hatchery'. This helps keep them cool and moist, and also helps provide the perfect habitat for them to be born into. We also supply you with one litre tub of worm grub to help the little fellas on their way.

The easiest way to introduce them to the soil is to grab a handful, with the bedding provided, and simply put them in a small hole in some soil, and cover them. Although delicate to touch, the cocoons are suprisingly resistant to the elements, allowing the young worms to remain dormant until the temperature is right (heat causes them to hatch), and can be buried at almost any time of the year. The worms will hatch roughly anywhere between 3 weeks and 5 months, as hatching is largely depedant on conditions, primarily heat, but also moisture. 


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