Worm Cast (3)

You are welcome to visit the worm farm to find out more. Worm casts are known by discerning gardeners as 'black gold'. They are a completely organic soil conditioner produced by worms as food passes through their gullet. Worm casts are stuffed full of nutrients in a form that is readily available to plants and they are teeming with beneficial bacteria
Advantages of using our worm casts as a fertiliser:
  • optimum levels of trace elements, enzymes and minerals
  • 5 times richer in available nitrogen, 7 times more phosphates and 11 times more potash than the upper 6 inches of topsoil
  • bacteria in the worms digestive tract synthesise a whole series of biologically active substances including plant growth regulators and hormones which stimulate plant growth and development
  • improves germination and fertility and increases yield
  • reduce the need for watering because they are so fine they improve the aeration and water holding capacity of the soil
  • delicate plant roots find them easy to penetrate as they search for food and water
  • teeming with good bacteria that confer plants with a natural resistance to many pests and diseases

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