Worms for soil improvement (2)

Worms are wonderful creatures that have spent millenia aerating, tilling and fertilising the soil. There are more than 2,000 species of earthworm and they are found all over the world, different species perform different functions. The worms that we supply are all native to these shores and they all play their part in soil improvement. Deep burrowing Lumbricus terrestris is the species that you want if the aim is to improve the texture and fertility of your soil. Surface dwelling worms such as eisenia and dendrobaena also help with soil improvement but you need to add organic matter as a food source. Lumbricus terrestris ( lob worms ) for soil improvement. These worms are truly soil inhabiting species: they make permanent burrows that penetrate deep into the soil. The burrows are important in maintaining soil aeration, drainage and porosity by increasing the rate at which water can penetrate the deeper soil layers. They pull organic matter down into their burrowa where they consume it, break it up and mix it with soil mineral particles to form water soluble aggregates. These worms would hate to live in a wormery because they don't like their burrows being disturbed but they will do your soil the power of good. Make sure the soil is damp before you add your worms. It helps if you dig shallow holes to pop the worms in then cover them back over with thw soil. Add roughly 10 per square metre, you don't have to be too accurate and could put in about 20 at a time and use less holes. If you can cover the soil you have replaced with bits of old carpet, weed free membrane or cardboard for a week or two it will stop birds routing around where they spot freshly dug soil.

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