EM-5 Organic Pest Control 250ml, dilute 1:500

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EM-5 Organic Pest Control 250ml, dilute 1:500

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EM-5 Organic pest control
EM-5 is an organic pest control. It is a non toxic, chemical free insect repellent. It is very potent, you dilute it 1:500 so a bottle goes a long, long way
It is harmless to humans and animals and is safe for use on edible plants.
EM-5 works biologically and is used to increase the plants natural resistance topests and diseases.
It provides a protective layer on the leaves and and the EM competitivelyexclude pathogenic bacteria that can cause diseases.
What is in EM-5 and how does it work?
EM-5 is made from organic ingredients; EM-l, Molasses, Vinegar, Distilled Spirits and Water and some organic matter that is high in anti-oxidants.
EM-5 acts by creating a barrier around the plant, thereby protecting the plantfrom insects and pests. When insects come in contact with EM-5 they become
coated in the biological protection that EM-5 offers. Then once the insects return to their nests the biological protection of EM-5 gets to work on the
insects stored food supply. It starts a fermentation process in the feed, which makes it inedible for the insects, reducing their population.
Which Pests is it effective against?
EM-5 works well against common insects problems like aphids, cabbage white caterpillars, carrotroot fly, ants, greenfly, blackfly, red lily beetle.
EM-5 Application
EM-5 can be applied as soon as seedlings emerge, before they get any pests or diseases
Spray it onto plants at dilutions of 1 part EM-5 to 500 parts of water,preferably rain water. Spray at regular intervals, in the morning or evening or
after rain, but do not spray in strong sunlight.

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