Worm Grub (2)

This is a specially formulated mix containing all worms need to grow fit and healthy. It contains mixed cereals including mixed cereals, oil, protein, fibre, ash, sunflower seeds, sugar beet as well as minerals, vitamins and trace elements; ground to a consistency that is easy for the worms to eat and digest. Read More Instructions for use: 1. Regular maintenance of your wormery. Sprinkle a thin layer over the surface of the wormery once a week. It is important to keep the layer thin otherwise the worm grub clumps and is not as easy for the worms to eat. 2. To rescue a wormery that is not thriving. Sometimes wormeries don’t function very well and worms die off. If your worm population is looking a bit depleted lift out any decaying food and sprinkle a thin layer of worm grub over the surface. This should be repeated as soon as the worms have eaten the grub which they usually do in a day or two. Carry on for a couple of weeks, during this time do not add any food waste. This should restore your worms to their previous state of health and you can start adding food again. 3. To fatten your worms if they have become skinny over winter or if you are planning a fishing trip follow guideline number 2. Please get in touch if you have any queries

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