Wormery/Compost Starter Kit includes 1kg worms

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Wormery/Compost Starter Kit includes 1kg worms


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This isn't any old kit, it is a Bubble House Worm Farm Kit. Not only does it contain all you need to get a wormery up and running it comes with full instructions and an after sales service that is second to none. The kit can also be used to give your compost bin a kick start. (more info) Contains: 1kg of mixed composting worms in a tub of safe bedding, you silent and tireless workforce tub of lime mix to keep the pH of your wormery balanced tub of worm grub, a specially formulated mix of all the nutrients needed to keep your worms healthy and happy a coir bedding block to make a cosy nest for your worms when you harvest them (you won't need this initially) a tub of bokashi bran to enhance the composting process full instructions and ongoing email support We breed our worms here in Worcestershire, they are hand harvested and added to bedding from our breeding beds before being dispatched. This means they arrive in tip top condition and they aren't stressed by their travels. It also means the bedding is teeming with all the beneficial microbes necessary to get your worms composting efficiently.We have found that a mix of different species of composting worms gives the best results because they have slightly different likes and dislikes so you will be supplied with 3 species of native composting worms at different stages of maturity. They are sociable creatures and cohabit perfectly amicably. The lime mix is to maintain a neutral pH. Sprinkle a teaspoonful over the contents of the wormery every couple of weeks The worm grub is a specially formulated mix of all the essential nutrients for a worms diet. It has been finely ground so it is in a form that is easily digestible by your worms. You do not need to use it all the time because ultimately the worms will be getting all they need from the food scraps and paper you feed them. It is useful initially because the food you are giving the worms has to get broken down before they can eat it. There is always a time lag when you start up a wormery, it will not be up and running efficiently for a couple of months. The worm grub is also useful in the winter months when the food you put in the wormery may get frozen If you are setting up a domestic wormery you will not need the coir block initially because the worms are supplied in bedding. However it will come in useful when you harvest your worm casts and need fresh bedding for your worms The active ingredient in Bokashi bran is Effective micro-organisms (EM). EM is a mixed culture of naturally occurring beneficial micro-organisms that gobble up food waste. It is used by some comercial composting facilities to speed up the composting process because for them time is money. Adding a sprinkling of bokashi bran to your wormery or compost bin will enhance the composting process and reduce odours and worms love it. Instructions and after sales support are a very important part of the package. Worm composting is more of an art than a science and you often have questions when you start out, we don't mind how often you contact us for advice, we want you and your worms to be happy. If you have any queries please get in touch, phone 01886 833988


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