1.7kg Jerusalem Artichokes

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1.7kg Jerusalem Artichokes


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Our Jerusalem Artichokes are organically grown in worm casts so they have a natural resistance to diseases. They are not from Jerusalem and are unrelated to the Globe Artichoke. They are from the sunflower family and produce masses of small yellow, daisy like flowers. Eating: The tubers are prized for their health benefits, they are high in iron and potassium and at only 7 calories per 100g they are popular with dieters. Can be eaten raw or cooked. We shall send you some recipes with your artichokes, they are great in soups and with roasts. If thinly sliced into a salad they have a slighly nutty, sweet flavour similar to water chestnuts. Planting in spring: Put the tubers in the soil about 18 inches apart and three inches down. Each will produce a small cluster of tubers. They can also be grown in containers. The plants are tall so put them where they won’t cast shade on other crops. They make a nice windbreak during the summer.You can start to harvest the tubers after the first frosts have killed off the top growth.They can be cropped from autumn through to winter and last several weeks in the fridge or a cool, dark room



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