Worm Cast - 10 Litre Bag

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Worm Cast - 10 Litre Bag


Size: 10 litre

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~~We are sorry but we are out of stock at the moment. We are waiting for recently harvested worm casts to dry out a little before they can be sent out
You only need to use them sparingly. 1 litre will be sufficient for 3 to 4 square metres
Planting out : Sprinkle along the bottom of seed row or throw a handful into the hole at the time of transplanting
Multi-purpose compost : Mix 1 part worm casts with 4 parts coir and 1 part sand 
Container growing : Mix 1 part worm casts with 4 parts soil or compost. They will improve growth and reduce the need for watering
Seed germination : Speed up seed germination by adding 20% worm casts to your preffered sowing media
Top dressing : Use 1 litre for 3 to 4 square metres
This might not sound too appetizing but your plants will love it, it is a wonderful liquid plant feed that can be used to nourish both indoor and outdoor plants and it is very simple to make. Instructions are provided with the worm casts.

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