10 EM ceramic pipes

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10 EM ceramic pipes


Reference: EMP10

Size: 10

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Trial size, 10 ceramic beads supplied in a hessian bag. .EM ceramics are made from clay baked with Effective Micro-organisms. They have an immediate effect on the water through a process of resonance. The longer the EM ceramics remain in the water the better the results. Ceramic pipes activate water and improve its taste. They can be used for drinking water and cooking as well as in baths, aquariums, laundy and water for plants. They stay active for about 10 years. 1 pipe is sufficient for a 1 litre jug of water. Uses: In bottles of water and soft drinks; place a few EM pipes in the bottle or container and leave them there. Put a couple in water jugs, tea or coffee pots Put a few pipes in the bath Put in the toilet cistern to eliminate the need for deodorizes Place a few pipes in a flannel bag and use in the washing machine Place a few pipes in a bag in the dishwasher or loose in the cutlery holder, it will allow you to reduce the amount of detergent you use.


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