Promoting Global Worming & Sustainable LivingTurn your food waste into something wonderful!Oragnically-grown plants for sale!Large collection of hand-made Wormeries for sale now!
Promoting Global Worming & Sustainable LivingPromoting sustainability through global worming. Worms are not only essential to plant growth, but are also the most effective way of converting your food waste into nutrient rich compost.
Turn your food waste into something wonderful!Our aim is to encourage sustainable living and inspire you to turn your food waste into something wonderful. We believe no food should be wasted, and that the same also applies for other goods as well. Because of our commitment to sustainability and the environment all our goods are grown/produced organically without the use of chemicals, and we also recycle old used boxes for packaging.
Oragnically-grown plants for sale!We also sell an abundance of plants, all of which are grown organically on our worm farm without the use of chemicals. They are strong and healthy with an increased natural resistance to diseases because they are grown in bokashi and worm casts.
Large collection of hand-made Wormeries for sale now!We make a range of recycled plastic wormeries including the Herb Garden Wormery, the Fisherman's Wormery, the Desk Top Wormery, the 80 litre Basic Wormery and the monster 285 litre Wormery. We also hand make a range of Wooden Wormeries such as the bench wormery

Welcome to Bubblehouse Worm Farm - Bokashi - Bamboo - Worms & more!


Normally orders will be sent out within a few days of ordering. We welcome visitors to browse around our worm farm and nursery: Chapel Lane, Bransford WR6 5JG.

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