Composting / Wormery Worms (4)

For composting and wormeries we supply a mixture of three of the best composting worms, Eisenia fetida, Eisenia rubellus and Dendrobaena venata. They all have slightly different likes and dislikes with regard to food and environment and we have discovered that a mix of the three works best for vermicomposting and luckily they cohabit perfectly happily. All our worms are hand harvested and sent to you in a tub with plenty of safe bedding.The bedding is taken from our breeding beds, it is an environment the worms feel at home in, this means they travel well and arrive to you in peak condition. Alternatively they will live happily in their tub for a month or so as the bedding contains plenty of nutrients to keep them going. The bedding also contains all the micro-organisms that are needed to get your worm composting off to a great start.

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