500g Large Dendrobeana

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500g Large Dendrobeana

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Large dendra for catching big fish, supplied with safe bedding, if you turn them once a week they will live for about a month in the same tub, if you add them to a wormery they will eat your scraps, breed and live for as long as you look after them

We breed worms on our farm in Worcestershire, they are hand harvested on the day of dispatch and sent out to you in a tub with bedding culture taken from our breeding beds. They come in roughly 600g of bedding. The bedding is an environment the worms are used to and happy to live in. It contains all the nutrients the worms need to keep them happy for several weeks. The bedding is also teeming with all the beneficial micro-organisms that are necessary to get a wormery or composting system off to a great start, it will also contain worm cocoons so your worm population will soon expand. 

The bag of worms and bedding is packaged in a cardboard box with plenty of ventilation holes so the worms arrive to you happy and healthy.

 We do not use any chemical fertilisers or pesticides on our farm so our worms are bred in organic conditions.
Our aim is to encourage and inspire you to turn your food waste into something wonderful, worm casts, and a wormery is a great way for fishermen to have a never ending supply of bait. Our Worm Works Wormery and Fisherman's Wormery are ideal for this purpose.

We send out worms Monday to Thursday by Royal Mail, if you have a friendly postman please leave instructions as to where your worms may be left if you are not in to receive them e.g. by back door. We do not dispatch on  a Friday as we don't want the worms hanging around in a depot over the weekend.

If you wish to pay by credit or debit card please phone 01886 832559, if you get the answer machine please leave a message and we will phone you back.
Send cheques made payable to Worms Worms Worms by snail mail to Bubble House Worm Farm, Chapel Lane, Bransford, Worcestershire, WR6 5JG

Worm regards 


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