Grow a Message Bean (5 Pack)

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Grow a Message Bean (5 Pack)

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Five magical beans with messages and pictures laser etched into them on both sides which will continue to enlarge as the beans grow.

Just plant the seed into water beads or soil, and less than two weeks later, everyone will be astonished by the special messages that grow with the plant!

There are a number of packs available making the beanstalk an ideal gift for all occasions. Please note, the words in brackets are on the reverse of the bean.

Add soil pellets and you can grow the beans in the bag itself by just adding water!

Note: These need to be planted like normal bean seeds. As with any natural seed, they will need stable warmth, light and watering for germination.

Bean type: Canavalia ensiformins, known as common Jack Bean.

Pack size: 5 x 13 cm

Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Disclaimer: We set to provide the highest quality of seeds. However, due to the varying nature of the conditions that the plant seeds are stored and grown in, BEEcycle Ltd can not accept any liability in relation to the non performance of the seeds

Guide: The words in brackets are on the reverse of the bean

Angel Pack:
Faith (Dove)
Peace (Peace)
Hope (Hope)
Love (Heart)
Joy (☺)
Birthday Pack:
Happy Birthday (Cake)
Happy Birthday (Cake)
Congrats (Wine Glass)
Surprise (Star)
Cheeky Pack:
Hug Me (Teddy Bear)
Kiss Me (Lips)
Squeeze Me (Hand)
Feed Me (Apple)
Tickle Me (Hand)

Family Pack:
Mum (Heart)
Dad (Sun)
Me (☺)
Home (House)
Family (House)
Fortune Pack:
Lucky (Sun)
Wealthy (£€$)
Healthy (Apple)
Happy (☺)
Rich (£€$)
Friends Pack:
Friend (☺)
Forever (Sun)
Thanks (Flower)
Joy (☺)
Hi (☺)

Happy Pack:
Happy (☺)
Smile (☺)
Joy (☺)
Relax (☺)
Fun (☺)
Love Pack:
I Love You (Heart)
I Miss You (Heart)
Only You (Heart)
Forever (Sun)
Thanks (Flower)
Motivation Pack:
Yes! (Tick)
Good Luck (Thumbs)
Congrats (Wine Glass)
Go!Go!Go! (Rocket)

Nasty Pack:
Idiot (☺)
Fish Face (Fish)
Shut Up (Lips)
Dumbo (Sun)
Lazy Bone (ZzZz)
Sorry Pack:
I (Heart)
Just (Heart)
Want (Heart)
To Say (Heart)
Sorry (Heart)
Text Pack:
Lol (☺)
OK (Lips)
IDK (Hand)
OMG (Hand)
Christmas Pack:
Mixture of:
Merry Christmas (Tree)
Happy New Year 
Fathers Pack:
I Love You,
Only You,
Mothers Pack:
I Love You
Only You
Grandma Pack:
I Love You
Grand ma
Only You,
Grand dad Pack:
I love You
Grand dad
Only You,

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