Wormery, vermicomposter, worm bin - there are many names for the vessel that houses worms whilst they get down to the business of turning your kitchen waste into wondrous vermicompost. There are many models available to buy. We are proud of the fact that all our wormeries are UK manufactured, in fact most are hand made by us at the worm farm.

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Which wormery should you choose? 
There are a number of factors that may influence your choice;
where it is to be sited- all our wormeries can be used outside, if you want to keep it inside an Herb Garden Wormery with an urn would be your best option, or a worm works wormery
the amount of waste you generate -
♦ The80 litre wormery is a good option if you produce a lot of food waste. Once it has been up and running for about 6 months it should be recycling 3.5 to 4kg of waste per week.Great for larger households.
 ♦A 2 composter Herb Garden Wormery will deal with about 2kg per week, suitable for a family of 3 or 4
♦ a 3 composter Herb Garden Wormery will gobble up  3.5 to 4kg per week and is also good for larger families 
♦ A 3 tray worm works wormery is suitable for a family of 4 or 5
♦ A 4 tray worm works wormeryis suitable for a family of 5 or 6
♦ The 285 litre monster wormery can process 8 to 12 kg of organic waste per week and is great for communal households and small businesses. It is also popular with the riding fraternity as worms love horse manure, the other group of  people who find it very useful are allotment holders.

Stacking Wormeries ( Herb Garden Wormeries and Worm Works Wormeries )

These all work on the same principles. You start feeding the worms on the bottom level. When it is full you add another level, the worms will work their way up to where the fresh food waste is making it easy to seperate the worms from the worm casts.

The more worms you have the more food they will eat. All our wormeries are supplied with a minimum of 500g of mixed composting worms ( approx. 1,000 worms) in lots of safe bedding which will also contain worm cocoons. The worm coccons will each produce between 2 to 4 baby worms that will further boost your wormeries population. It is worth checking how many worms your wormery will be supplied with, we know there are some retailers who proclaim that they supply 'plenty' of worms, customers are then disappointed to discover that they only receive 100 or so worms.
The safe bedding is taken from our breeding beds and is an environment the worms are happy to live in, this ensures your  worms arrive to you in peak condition.

Free Drainage Wormeries:  (80 litre, 285 litre, Herb Garden and Worm Works Wormeries are all available in free drainage versions )

These do not have a base unit or urn for collecting worm tea. Any liquid produced seeps through holes in the base to nourish the ground, but don't worry about not being able to collect worm tea because you can still make your own using the worm casts produced by your wonderful worms.
They should be sited on gravel, grass or earth.

Cost - recycled plastic is cheaper than wood, free drainage systems are cheaper than those with taps.
UK made 
most of our wormeries are hand made by us in Worcestershire. The plastic components of the Herb Garden Wormeries are made from recycled plastic components that are manufactured in the UK. 
Aesthetics - we think our wormeries are the prettiest on the market.

If you want to make your own basic wormery - contact us and we will send you instructions or look in our information pages.





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